A Unique Blockchain Option For a Product In a Real Industry
Presale is end! ICO will start later
Sintec - this is the only project that compensates lost profits in the case that the rate of invested cryptocurrencies rises
Investments in the production and use of nanotechnology, where no analogues exist in the world
A confirmed demand for product
Samples successfully passed technological tests in Russia and China
A 100% rebuy guarantee at the first request
What is Sintec?
Sintec - is a unique Blockchain option granting the opportunity to invest in the production of high-tech industrial material - polymer bituminous binders
Similar products are highly demanded in the roadbuilding industry
On the count of the unique technology, Sintec has perfected the characteristics of bituminous binders, which allows the material to be used for road building in regions with harsh climate conditions
The production of PBB helps solve a serious problem - the recycling of polymer waste and rubber
What are polymer
bituminous binders?
Polymer bituminous binders (PBB)- are polymeric composites made from high molecular petroleum solvents, polymers, and fillers, contained in the polymers of protonated complexes of various modifiers. The main difference in the applied technologies for the modification of bituminous rubber crumbs lays in the nano molecular transformation of raw material.
Road building
Accumulator mastic manufacturing
Cable production
Paints and varnishes
Roof building material
Bitumen and PBB
Mechanism for gaining earnings
on STEC tokens
Investors acquire STEC tokens during the ICO, which are backed by a real product - PBB and are considered to be a Blockchain-option, sold at a 50%
Starting from March 2019. Sintec will open a company for the repurchase of $1.6 million dollars worth of tokens on a monthly basis
Tokens which are not claimed for redemption during March 2019, will earn 8.5% dividends per annum, credited each month
By buying STEC tokens during the ICO, investors receive a guarantee that their initial investment will grow by over 100%. In order for this to happen, investors simply need to declare their intent to sell tokens at any time, starting March 2019
STEC tokens are backed by raw materials - polymer bituminous binders. Starting March 2019, any investors will be able to exchange his tokens for raw materials at the first demand
During the time of the ICO, the cost of 1 ton of raw materials will be fixed to 21 000 rub. If a request for a repurchase is submitted, and the cost of the raw material grows, then the cost of the token will grow proportionately
If the cost of the cryptocurrency that the investor used as an investment grows when STEC tokens are presented for a buyback, tokens will be able to be returned at the going rate. Thus, investing in STEC also means that you are investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum
If an investor decides to sell tokens immediately after March 2019. Then that investor will will earn 8.5% dividends per annum, credited each month
STEC token
Token Name:
Hard Cap:
1,000,000 USD
Soft Cap:
500,000 USD
Base price of one token:
14 kg PBB
100%of attracted funds will be directed towards launching a factory for the production of polymer bituminous binders that will produce 150 000 tons/yearly
Discounts for STEC token purchases
STEC Token Repurchase
Repurchase start date:
March 2019
Amount for Repurchase:
1 600 000 USD per month
Minimum token repurchase price:
Maximum token repurchase price:
+ raw material cost
+ cryptocurrency growth rate (BTC, ETH)
8,5% per annum
100%Guarantee to double your investment!
  • Company Registration
  • Agreement signing with raw material suppliers
  • Investment Campaign
  • Site launch
  • Property/Land registration
  • Final project design and construction plan approval
  • Order machinery
  • Factory building, acquisition and equipment installation, production of a limited amount of PBB
  • Provisions for electric infrastructure
  • Signing agreement for the construction of production factories
  • STEC token repurchase with percentage increase
  • Full power production starts
Glukhov Viktor
CEO, Co-Founder
Honored Kuzbass engineer, with over 10 years of managing experience at the largest electrical station in the Toms-Usinskaya GRES
Anton Prokhorin
Project Advisor
Economist, Deputy Head of the marketing and management department of the NfI KEM GIU, “Skolkovo” Moscow School of Management graduate, over 14 years of experience in economics
Parfenov Vyacheslav
Director of OOO “Sibirskaya companiya”, construction-project technical aspects
Nikolai Urban
Project Advisor
Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Head of the Scientific and Innovation sector of NFI KemSU, Scientific secretary of the Expert Council for Innovative Industrial Developments since 2011 (Novokuznetsk)
Shevtsov Mikhail
Lawyer, International Institute of Economics and Law graduate, with over 10 years of experience in the legal sector
Rusinova Tatiana
Economist, “Skolkovo” Moscow School of Management graduate, has experience in municipal services and over 10 years of economics experience
Bogdan Aleksander Stepanovich
Born on 05.03.1957 in the town of Kiselevsk of the Kemerovo Oblast, in a middle-class family. Graduated from the Tomsk Polytechnic University (1979). Candidate of technical sciences since 1987. Worked in the Tomsk Polytechnic University (1979-89). Director of the Creative Experimental Association. Functioned as the Director of the “Metanol” Plant (2000-2001) as part of the Tomsk Petrochemical plant as part of a financial rehabilitation plan. Worked on the financial rehabilitation of the Tomsk Instrument Plant as the Executive Director (2003-2006). Director of the Municipal Unitary Enterprise “Tram and Trolleybus management», Tomsk (2006-2007). Executive director for research involving polymer bitumen binders for road building for the Western Administrative Okrug (WAO) (2007 – present day). Acting member of the scientific and technological council for RosAvtoDor on the subject matter of issues in using rubber for road building since 2016. Has 13 scientific publications to his name..
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