Production Launch steps
Registering and filing documents for land
Development of project schematics and estimates
Approval of design schematics and estimates
Preparatory works geared towards organizing the construction of industrial facilities and reservoirs for storing PBB and raw materials
Construction and manufacturing of equipment
Raw material acquisitions
Construction and manufacturing of equipment
Hiring and training staff, equipment setup and adjustments
Release of a trial batch of products
Exit into full production capacity
Factory Characteristics
v. Yaya, close to the Yayskoy oil refinery
Primary raw materials for PBB:
tar, and fuel oil
150 000 tons/year
Land - already determined
Availability of a ready infrastructure
Short transportation leverage thanks to the close proximity of a raw material base
Who are our clients?
Asphalt Manufacturers
Isolation and roofing manufacturers
Paint and varnish manufacturers
We already have a future agreement for the sale of 12 500 tons of our raw material per month!